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We design and lead road trips, trekking expeditions and birding tours in Patagonia.

Road Trips

Perhaps the only way to appreciate the vastness of Patagonia. We have designed several itineraries from 1 to 2 weeks. These are done on demand and for small groups only. All our tours can be customized to fit your needs and preferences, so do not hesitate to ask.

Birding Tours

Birdwatching and Nature Photography in Patagonia
Day tours from San Martín de los Andes and multi-day tours covering all the natural areas in Patagonia.


Day tours and expeditions from San Martin de los Andes to the best places in Lanin National Park. From short hikes to multi-day expeditions camping underneath the stars.

Explore Patagonia with us

We design and lead road trips, trekking expeditions and birding tours in Patagonia.

Explore Patagonia with us

On our road trips, we will take you on the best scenic routes of Patagonia, like Ruta 40 and Carretera Austral. Mountains, forests, pristine lakes, glaciers, steppes, deserts and endless plains where the horizon does not seem to have an end.

If you like hiking, our trekking tours in San Martin de los Andes will take you to the best spots of Lanin National Park, from easy half-day outings to multi-day expeditions camping underneath the stars.

Our birding and nature photography tours cover all the ecological regions of Patagonia: Andean forest, Patagonian steppe, wetlands, high Andes, seacoast and rural areas. Each one of them has different birds, for a total of more than 300 species, including 40 endemics. We lead both day outings and multi-day tours.


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"My friend and I travelled with Jose for eight days - from El Chalten to Balmaceda on Ruta 40 and the Carretera Austral. We visited Perito Moreno National Park, Parque Patagonia, Reserva Nacional Jeinemeni and the Marble Caves at Puerto Rio Tranquillo. And we stayed at some amazing places. Jose is a terrific guide, knowledgeable, well prepared, patient, very willing to stop for yet another photo and great fun to travel with. I cannot recommend him more highly."

– Jane & Sue, Australia

"José Fernandez Pinar has been for us the perfect (tour) leader. Thanks to his strong passion for this land, his deep knowledge of nature and fauna, especially of so many bird species, his love for unspoiled and remote territories he helped us to discover the wildest and less touristy parts of Patagonia.

José is very patient, kind and careful. A very professional, safe and calm driver. And with a very nice music selection which lulled us for all the trip.

We have learned a lot from José and have been very pleased to travel with him along amazing, impressive landscapes. And last but not least we really appreciated all the hotels, estancias and restaurants he choose for us."

– Marco, Roberta, Laura & Maria Elena, Italy

“There are no words to express our gratitude for the most wonderful trip of our lives. We discovered a region in Patagonia along the Andes (both on the Argentinian and Chilean side) with amazing sceneries, getting to hidden places that José, thanks to its knowledge of the area and its own curiosity, encouraged us to know.

We felt free to stop at any time to take a picture of just to contemplate something astonishing. We could relax while someone who inspired total confidence was driving. We learned a lot from his explanations. Birdwatching, one of Jose’s passions, made us enjoy in a very profound and special way the immense diversity that we found on every step.

Add to all these the shared laughs, the musical moments, patience, flexibility and a positive attitude when we found any difficulty along the way.”

– Isabel & Nicolás, Argentina

“Travelling the Andean Patagonia with José has been one of my best experiences. We are a group of four friends who share a trip every year. Ada, after searching a lot, decided to choose Patagonian Wild to take us to know this nature’s wonder. It was an 11-day tour from San Martín de los Andes to El Calafate passing by the Seven Lakes Route and many more natural parks.

José is one of the best-prepared guides we have ever met, with an impressive knowledge of the flora and the fauna. He took us to wonderful natural parks, some of them barely mentioned on the travel guides, which we would not have visited if it was not for him. He is knowledgeable about the area and his explanations are interesting. He was patient and looked after us stopping where wanted. He is a cautious person and very kind, making from the relation with the group a funny and also very interesting trip.

For all these reasons we recommend choosing Patagonian Wild, you will not regret it. Thanks, José.”

“I thought I had seen a lot of Patagonia, but with Patagonian Wild I have discovered incredible things. Their guide, José, has a great knowledge of the area. He took us to wonderful places, discovering places, landscapes, people and experiences. Unforgettable and unmissable. I got home with the certainty and desire to go back.”

– Beatriz & Ada, Spain

"Our family traveled with Jose (Patagonian Wild) primarily on Ruta 40 and Carretera Austral in the Patagonia region. Our 10-day road trip, in December 2016, covered mostly the region of Patagonia starting from Bariloche, Argentina. We were lucky to find the services of Jose. He has an excellent knowledge of the Patagonia landscape and places that are hard to find in popular tourist circuits.

We started planning this tour well in advance (6 months) and he was always prompt in his responses. We valued his opinion very much during the trip planning and at the end of the trip, we were correct in doing so. We visited several beautiful lakes and glaciers (Perito Moreno, Upsala, Viedma) in Argentina along with Chacabuco Valley, Valdivian forest, glaciers, marble caves and Baker river in Chile. The hotels that he planned for us were simply beautiful. Not sure if we could have done by ourselves.

He gave us a lot of time to enjoy the landscape and made sure that we had our food in great places. Also, his knowledge of the landscape and photography helped us a lot. Clearly, this was a trip of a lifetime for us and Jose made sure that we enjoyed every moment of it. His travel company is clearly the one to go with in PATAGONIA."

– Bahttaram family, USA

“These simple words are aimed to describe one of the most wonderful trips I have done in my life. Traveling with Tierras Patagónicas gave me the opportunity to discover spectacular sceneries, living the experience of two weeks of adventure, nature, and most of all, good vibe. I have to thank Tierras Patagónicas for their dedication, professionalism and good intentions. Wishing you the best, we will definetely repeat!!!”

– Pedro & Ana, Spain

“My wife and I had a great trip with Patagonian Wild, going from Esquel to El Chaltén by Route 40 and Carretera Austral. It was the first time we were doing this kind of guided road trips and we had a great experience. Not only for the trip organization that exceeded all our expectations but also because of José’s company and dedication; he never hesitated to stop and show us every picturesque spot he knew, enjoying himself as we discovered all these great places. It is so gratifying meeting someone who enjoys what he does that much”.

– Gabriela & Andrés, Argentina

“We picked up Patagonian Wild from a web search as we wanted a custom-built 3-day tour of the Seven Lakes area for four travelling companions. We liked the look of one of the tours on the website, but needed to modify it to fit our needs. José was able to quickly put together a proposed tour for us. We were most impressed with José’s knowledge of the flora, fauna, and geology of the area and the manner in which a well-organised route was set out for each day to take us to the wonderful scenery of this beautiful area of nominally 7 lakes, but in fact, containing many more lakes than that. Each day had flexibility built-in which meant that should we cause delays by wanting to walk or stop for views, this was all possible. I am very happy to recommend José and Patagonian Wild."

– Garth & Neville, Sudáfrica - Carol & Rob, Zimbabwe

“After scouring the world wide web for tour companies that specialized in Private Tour Patagonia drives, we chose to go with Patagonian Wild, who not only did a fantastic job driving us over 3,000 kms from Argentina to Chile and back to Argentina, Jose, our tour guide (also driver and owner of the company) was an ardent nature lover.”

– Sarah, United Arab Emirates

“We would like to thank you once again for a wonderful trip –we can’t stop telling people about our experiences in Argentina’s Ruta 40.”

– Graham & Anne, UK

“The organization, the sites visited and everything we did meet and even exceeded our expectations. We could get to places that we would never been if we have traveled on our own; we really got off the beaten track. José looked after us in every moment, with kindness, courtesy, and punctuality… we did not feel we were going with a guide, but with a travel partner that shared his enthusiasm and knowledge about everything we saw. Our assessment of the tour can not be more positive”

– Maite & Fernando, Spain



Two recently created national parks in Argentina and Chile represent the essence of everything Patagonia is about. On this corner in Southern South America, there is a new touristic circuit covering both countries and sharing a name that says it all: Patagonia National Park. In this post we are going to tell you about the Argentinian side of these amazing areas and everything it has to offer.


The Patagonian Steppe is the ecoregion that covers most part of Patagonia, around 730.000 Km² in southwest Mendoza, centre of Neuquén, southwest of Río Negro and most of Chubut and Santa Cruz, except their west side. The steppe borders the Andean-Patagonian forest on the west, the Monte region on the north and the Atlantic coast on the east.  


The Andean-Patagonian forests, also known as Subantarctic forests, spreads over steep elevations along a thin strip on both sides of the Andes, on southern South America. These are the southernmost forests in the world and have their origin 45 million years ago on the Gondwana supercontinent, where the forests of South America, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and South Africa have their ancestors. The Patagonian forests can be considered a “green island”, as they have been isolated from other forests for the last 10 million years, resulting on a high number of endemisms.



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