Cerro Mallo

8 hours
November to April
4,035 feet
10 miles

One of the most traditional climbs in Lanin National Park. Demanding, due to the significant elevation but very rewarding, as the panoramic views from the top are amazing. We will drive from San Martin de los Andes to the strait between lakes Lácar and Nonthué and start walking up through a dense forest of Nothofagus obliqua, which find here the perfect conditions for growing. This is also a good area to find the iconic Magellanic woodpecker. The trail keeps constantly up, with a lot of Coihue Cane on the sides. After surpassing the 1,000 m altitude the lengas (Nothofagus pumilio) starts to dominate the vegetation cover. Then they start getting shorter and shorter until we surpass the timberline to find an open rocky massif dotted with some small high-Andean grasslands. After crossing two water streams we climb on top of the ridge, walking around a crag with some great views of Lanin volcano. After a last rocky slope that is covered by snow almost all year-round we get to the summit, at 1,911 m, with great views of several volcanos, some of them on the Chilean side and of the Lácar, Nonthué and Queñi lakes. The panoramic views from the top are excellent to appreciate the erosion caused by the glacier action on these Andean valleys.

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