Lanin Volcano - South Face

8 hours
November to April
2,700 feet
12.5 miles

Stage 8 of Huella Andina, from Puerto Canoa, on Huechulafquen Lake, to the base off Lanín Volcano, the highest peak in the park. Lanín is a symbol of Neuqén province and one of the most attractive moutains in Patagonia. We will go with the vehicle to Huechulafquen Lake, where we will have to pay the park’s entrance fee. Driving around the lake we will get to Puerto Canoa, where we will star hiking. First we will pass by a shrubby pampa and after crossing a river we will enter a forest made of big coihues, lengas and araucaria trees.

The araucaria is a conifer that occurs only in north Patagonia, growing on sandy soils, typically of volcanic origin. It can live up to 1,000 years and is considered a relict species, living only in very limited areas.

It has an unmistakable shape, with the trunk divided on polygonal plates and, curved braches and hard coriaceous leaves. After crossing several creeks we will star gaining altitude towards the high grasslands. After a last river crossing we will reach the end of the trail, where we will enjoy a privileged view of the glacier coming down from the south face of Lanin volcano.

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